Epistemic Value

Monday, October 31, 2005

Riggs on Epistemic Value (II)

This is just to let you all know that Wayne Riggs (Oklahoma) has kindly let me post the latest version of his paper on Value-Driven Epistemology. Click here.

Riggs on Epistemic Value

Wayne Riggs (Oklahoma), one of the foremost exponents of value-driven epistemology, has a number of links to works-in-progress on his homepage that would be of interest to readers of this weblog. Click here.

Lackey On Epistemic Credit

Jennifer Lackey (Northern Illinois) has a very interesting paper, a draft of which is available here, in which she makes a good case for rejecting the widely held thesis that knowledge is always of credit to the agent. If this is right, then this has obvious implications for the debate about epistemic value, in that such credit would naturally be thought to be itself valuable, and therefore as conferring some value on knowing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Blog Posts on Epistemic Value

Here are some more blog posts on epistemic value:

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That's enough posts from the archives. From here on in I'll try to keep posts up to date. Do post any links to blog discussions that you come across.

Some Certain Doubts Posts on Epistemic Value

There has been quite a lot of discussion of the topic of epistemic value on Jon Kvanvig's extremely influential epistemology blog Certain Doubts. Here are some examples (in no particular order):

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Lackey on Epistemic Credit
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Williamson, Contextualism, and Value-Driven Epistemology

Two Posts by Carrie Jenkins on Epistemic Value

Carrie Jenkins has two interesting posts on the topic of epistemic value on her excellent weblog, Long Words Bother Me. See Naturalism and Epistemic Norms and Epistemic Value and Epistemic Norms.

The 'Knowledge, Mind and Value' Project Epistemic Value Blog is GO!

Well, it's finally up and running: a blog specifically devoted to issues of epistemic value. In order to get us started, here is the link to the Epistemic Value Workshop that we hosted here at the University of Stirling last weekend. Speakers included Michael Lynch, Chris Hookway, Alan Millar, Rene van Woudenberg, Igor Douven, and Finn Spicer, with commentaries by, amongst others, myself, Adrian Haddock, and Tim Chappell. Amongst the invited delegates in attendance were Sven Bernecker, Crispin Wright, Peter Baumann, Daniel Nolan, and Carrie Jenkins. The workshop webpage includes abstracts of all the papers along with links to pdf files for most of the talks.