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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Conference News

Now that semester is over (hurrah!), we're into conference season. I'm not doing as much as usual this time around because of my move (both physically and academically) to Edinburgh this summer (not to mention the usual childcare committments--one wants to spend *some* time with one's off-spring after all!). Here are some highlights though:

Linguistics and Epistemology, May 12-13th, Aberdeen.
Speakers: Kent Bach, Jason Stanley, Jonathan Schaffer, Peter Ludlow
Commentators: Ram Neta, Duncan Pritchard, Martijn Blaauw, Jessica Brown

Epistemology Workshop, May 15th, Edinburgh.
Speakers: Ram Neta, Duncan Pritchard, Jonathan Schaffer, Brit Brogaard & Joe Salerno

McDowell Workshop, May 18th, Kent
Speakers: David Bain, Adrian Haddock, Richard Gaskin, Alan Thomas
(Earlier announcements of this workshop had myself and Paul Coates down as speakers, but alas, for very different reasons, we've both had to pull out. Should be a great workshop nonetheless though (perhaps better!).)

There will be the first meeting of the new Danish Epistemology Network in Copenhagen on May 25-6th.
Speakers include Erik Olsson, Duncan Pritchard, and Klemens Kappell. Contact Klemens Kappell for more details.

Here at Stiling we are hosting a workshop on Knowledge and Action on May 26-7th.
Speakers include Chris Peacocke and John Gibbons.

Finally, don't forget that later this summer there is the Lehrer Conference in Brazil and also the Social Epistemology conference here in Stirling. Both have fantastic line-ups.

Incidentally, the epistemology workshop in Edinbrugh next week will be the first of many epistemology-related events at Edinburgh. Ernie Sosa is going to be a visiting professor in the department during November, and there will be a confernece hosted around his visit. There are also plans for a major international conference in 2008. More news will follow soon.


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