Epistemic Value

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pacific APA Symposium on Epistemic Value

I just got back from the Pacific APA in glorious San Francisco. I didn't get to attend as many sessions as I would have liked, largely because my luggage went AWOL (believe it or not, the replacement luggage I bought in SF also went AWOL on the return journey--Air France have a lot to answer for). The invited symposium on Epistemic Value, however--the reason for my trip--went swimmingly. Here are the papers by myself, Wayne Riggs and Jonathan Kvanvig. John Greco's comments will follow:

Wayne Riggs, 'Doxastic Voluntarism and the Problem of Easy Credit' pdf
Duncan Pritchard, 'The Value of Knoweldge' pdf
Jonathan Kvanvig, 'The Value of Understanding' pdf
John Greco, 'Commentary on Riggs, Pritchard and Kvanvig' pdf


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