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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Epistemology @ Edinburgh

There's a lot going to be happening here in Epistemology over the coming years. I lack specific details for most of these events, but I thought it worth flagging what's planned anyway, even though there are a few gaps. Here are the main events planned:

Ernest Sosa will be here next year to give the 2009 Nature of Knowledge lecture, and we're planning to host a workshop to coincide with his visit, probably on virtue epistemology (for obvious reasons).

We will be hosting the 2010 Episteme conference, and the conference theme will be 'Cognitive Ecology: The Role of the Concept of Knowledge in our Social Cognitive Ecology'. Confirmed speakers so far include Martin Kusch and Ram Neta, with more to follow (including a call for papers).

We're planning a conference on ancient epistemology, probably for 2011.

We're planning a conference on the epistemological ramifications of embodied cognition, probably for 2011 or 2012.

In addition, the Epistemology Research Seminar begins here next week, with a talk from Julien Dutant (Geneva). In addition, we're just about the launch the Epistemology @ Edinburgh blog. So it's all happening here in Edinburgh!



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