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Monday, May 19, 2008

Scepticism @ Edinburgh

For those of you coming to the conference/pre-conference workshop on Scepticism in Edinburgh at the end of this month, I've now posted a very provisional programme for each event on the relevant webpages here and here.

The speakers at the conference are: Michael Williams, Barry Stroud, Quassim Cassam, Marie McGinn, Ralph Wedgwood, Jim Conant and Bob Stern.

The speakers at the pre-conference workshop are: Crispin Wright, Brian Weatherson and Ram Neta.

Registration is now closed for the conference, but if you really really wanted to come, then I guess I could find a way to squeeze you in. There's no registration for the pre-conference workshop (and no charge either)--you just need to let me know you're coming. The pre-conference workshop is meant to feed-in to the Arche Basic Knowledge project.

By the way, there will be lots and lots of epistemology happening in Edinburgh over the next few years. We have plans for workshops and conferences in every year up to 2012. I'll post details about this soon, but in the meantime, a taster: Ernie Sosa has agreed to give the 2009 Nature of Knowledge lecture.



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