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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Conference at Cal State Fullerton

VIRTUE & VICE: MORAL & INTELLECTUAL, Thurs June 26-Fri June 27, 2008
Website: http://hss.fullerton.edu/philosophy/fipc.htm

Conference Schedule:
June 26 AM: Jason Baehr “Epistemic Malevolence”; Heather Battaly “Epistemic Self-Indulgence”; Guy Axtell “Intersections: Character-trait Ascriptions in Ethics and Epistemology”

June 26 PM: Roger Crisp (keynote) “Virtue Ethics and Virtue Epistemology”; Wayne Riggs “Insight & Open-Mindedness”; Miranda Fricker “Institutional Virtue?”

June 27 AM: Amy Coplan “Why I Am Not An Intellectualist”; Michael Brady “Virtue and Attention”; Thomas Hurka “Right Act, Virtuous Motive”

June 27 PM: Linda Zagzebski (keynote) “Exemplarist Virtue Theory”; Nomy Arpaly “Open-Mindedness”; Christine Swanton “A Challenge to Intellectual Virtue from Moral Virtue: The Case of Universal Love”



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