Epistemic Value

Thursday, May 06, 2010

New Epistemology Post at Edinburgh

A quick 'heads-up': we're going to be advertising a permanent lectureship in epistemology here in Edinburgh very soon. I'll post a link to the further particulars once they're finalised, but in the meantime do feel free to contact me if you'd like more info. Aside from epistemology, Edinburgh has particular research strengths in the following areas: mind & cognition, ethics, ancient & early modern philosophy, and logic & language. Accordingly, anyone who has additional research interests in these areas might find this post particularly attractive. Note too that Edinburgh has a world-class reputation for interdisciplinary research in cognitive science, particularly in terms of the interdisciplinary work that goes on between our School (the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences) and the School of Informatics (which is next door). Hence, if you're an epistemologist who is interested in cog sci issues then this post might be particularly attractive to you too.