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Monday, October 22, 2007

Goldman in Edinburgh + Epistemology Workshop

I'm delighted to announce that Alvin Goldman will be delivering the 2008 Nature of Knowledge lecture at the University of Edinburgh. The provisional date for this is April 8th, and more details will be posted soon here.

I'll also be organising a one-day workshop around his visit, the topic of which will be 'Epistemological Conceptions of the Open Society'. The rationale for the workshop topic is that while open societies are prized for the social goods that they bring, they are also prized for the distinctively epistemic goods that they are meant to bring too, though very little work has been done exploring this issue. Given Goldman's contribution to social epistemology, this would be a good topic to discuss during his visit. So far, Igor Douven, Klemens Kappel, Erik Olsson and Pascal Engel have agreed to attend. I'll post more details presently.


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