Epistemic Value

Friday, July 14, 2006

Goldman and Olsson on Epistemic Value

Here's a draft of a paper that will be part of a volume that I'm co-editing on Epistemic Value, by Alvin Goldman and Erik Olsson. It's entitled, 'Reliabilism and the Value of Knowledge', and can be downloaded here.

Incidentally, you might have noticed that the 'drafts' side-bar has yet to re-appear. This is because I'm in the process of building a special webpage to put all the relevant research resources for epistemic value on. I'll provide the link once it's reasonably complete.

Thanks to Trent for keeping the blog running recently by the way--I've been swamped with other distractions, like conferences, work and (most recently) network problems. Normal service should start to resume soon (though I'm guessing that many of you are on your summer hols anyway).


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