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Friday, May 12, 2006

Stirling MLitt in Knowledge and Mind

I hope you'll excuse this shameless plug for a Stirling masters programme, but the topic is relevant to the topic of this blog. We run a one-year MLitt programme here in Knowledge and Mind, which is about to enter its third year. It's a great programme (if I do say so myself), with some great students on it and some excellent staff running the individual courses. If you have specific research interests in epistemology and philosophy of mind, then it's hard to think of a better programme you could take. Anyway, we already have a healthy set of students signed up for the next academic year, but I'm conscious of the fact that there could be good students out there who haven't yet managed to get around to sorting out their graduate studies for the coming year. If so, and this programme appeals, then it is important that you don't leave it too late to get your application in, since although we would keep applications open as long as possible for a good student, there are practical limits to this flexibility. For more details about the programme, click here. Any questions, just drop me a line at d.h.pritchard@stir.ac.uk.


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