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Monday, April 10, 2006

Royal Institute of Philosophy Epistemology Lectures

The Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture programme this coming academic year is on epistemology. The final programme isn't posted yet (when it is, it'll appear here), but I have a copy of the *provisional* programme that readers of this blog would no doubt be interested in, since it's a great line-up (if I do say so myself):

Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Lecture Series 2006-2007

13th October 2006--Bill Brewer--Perception and Knowledge
20th October 2006--Duncan Pritchard--Knowledge and Value
27th October 2006--Richard Samuels--Rationality and Psychology
10th November 2006--Alvin Goldman--Social Epistemology 
17th November 2006--M G F Martin--Perceptual Knowledge
24th November 2006--Scott Sturgeon--Epistemic Factualism
19th January 2007--Timothy Williamson--TBA
26th January 2007--Miranda Fricker--Moral Perception
2nd February 2007--Jose Zalabardo--Scepticism
9th February 2007--TBA
16th February 2007--John Hawthorne--TBA
23rd February 2007--Quassim Cassam--What is Knowledge?
2nd March 2007--Elizabeth Fricker--TBA


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