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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pacific APA Symposium on Intellectual Virtue

There's an invited symposium on Intellectual Virtue at the Pacific APA next month that I'm taking part in. I now have two papers from this session, and hope to have all of them at some point, so I thought I'd post the full line-up, with links to the papers I've got so far (I'll update this posting if further papers come in):

Invited Symposium: Intellectual Virtue
Chair: Abrol Fairweather (University of San Francisco)
Speakers: Michael Stocker (Syracuse University)
“Intellectual Emotions (Some Remarks)”
Duncan Pritchard (University of Stirling)
“Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Luck, Revisited” (pdf)
Robert Roberts (Baylor University) & Jay Wood (Wheaton College) (pdf)
“Virtues and Intellectual Practices”
Commentator: James Montmarquet (Tennessee State University)

The session takes place between 1-4pm on Thursday March 23rd in Broadway IV (PL).


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